fund raising events

Past Events

Charity Dinner 2019
Charity Dinner 2014
Charity Dinner 2011
Charity Dinner 2009
Charity Dinner 2008
Charity Dinner 2006
Charity Dinner 2005
Charity Dinner 2004
Charity Dinner 2003

Fund Rasing Events

Each year, HKKF has to raise HK$5 million +  to subsidise the operation and all the charity programs.

HKKF acknowledges the kind donation and support from individuals, charity foundations, companies and corporate organisations.

Appeal for support / donation

HKKF needs to raise HK$5,000,000 each year to support  all the subsidized services and charitable programs.

You are cordially invited to support the following programs:

(1) The subsidized haemodialysis programs

(a) A Home haemodialysis patient @ HK$36,000* (for 200 treatment/year)
(b) An in-center haemodialysis patient @ HK$25,000* (for 150 treatment/year)
(*or part of)

(2) An Automated Peritoneal Dialysis machine for free loaning to patient
@ HK$84,000 each
[Each machine can be used by a patient every night for 10 years]