Hong Kong Kidney Foundation
2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Tea Sale

Good tea, Good health.
Yunnan 10-years old Pu-erh with
15-years old tangerine peel or Gulqay Snow Chrysanthemum

Following on the successful Tuen Ng Festival tea sale with the Pu-erh teas donated by Mr. Shek Kang Chuen (raised $3.68 million), Mr. Shek has donated more tea for the HKKF Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Tea Sale – his personal collection of 10-years old Yunnan Pu-erh tea, 15-years old tangerine peel and Gulqay Snow Chrysanthemum. The fund raised will be used to purchase APD machines at $84,000 each, for free loaning to patient to use at home overnight which will enhance the treatment and full rehabilitation of the patients with end stage kidney failure.

Tea packing by volunteers, supervised Mr. Arthur Shek.
Yunnan Pu-erh tea(100 g/pack)

With 15-years old Tangerine peel
Approximate 2.5g.

With Gulqay Snow Chrysanthemum
Approximate 7g.

$400 per gift back

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2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Tea Sale

Help patient on dialysis to regain full rehabilitation and employment
Sharing by patients:  A college student used an “Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis” machine to perform the dialysis overnight at home. During the four years of college, her classmates did not know she was a patient with end-stage renal failure on treatment. An office worker said that she used to have to perform the exchange of the dialysis fluid thrice daily. She never had the opportunity to go out for lunch with her colleagues because she had to do the fluid exchange during the lunchtime. With the machine performing the dialysis treatment overnight, she had much more freedom.

A patient with end-stage kidney disease needs dialysis treatment
to sustain their life
. It is a big burden for the patient and the family.

Why supporting the patient? The Hospital Authority provides dialysis treatment for patients with end-stage kidney disease – Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) at home. This is a good treatment option but requires the patient to perform the treatment (fluid exchange) 3-4 times throughout the daytime, with each exchange taking 45 minutes. This is inconvenient for a patient who is working or studying full time.

An alternative option is Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD), with an APD machine performing the overnight treatment for a patient at home. APD optimizes the dialysis treatment and allows a patient to be free from treatment during the daytime, thus a better quality of life and able to achieve fully rehabilitation.

The only reason why APD is not used by all patients is the cost of the APD machine, at $84,000 each. Most patients cannot afford to purchase a machine to use at home.


Since 1997, HKKF has been raising fund to purchase APD machines for free loaning to patient to use at home. HKKF has procured 865 machines to support 1941 patients. Currently, 617 patients are supported by the HKKF APD programs.

This year, it is estimated around 360 new patients will apply for the APD machines. There is a long waiting list for the APD machine.

The APD program enables patient with end-stage kidney failure to have a better quality of life, full time education or employment (patient or their carer) and full rehabilitation.

You can help many patients with end-stage kidney disease

to have better treatment and full rehabilitation.