Kidneys Talk” for Everyone

From 5 October 2021 – fortnightly on Tuesday evening 8:00-8:45
Live online and to view recording

Organiser: Hong Kong Kidney Foundation
Organising partners: Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses

Supporting partner: Alliance of Renal Patient Mutual Help Association

8:00-8:45 pm


Title of the talk

Guest speakers



5 October 2021

Kidney and you  

Kidney and Kidney disease

Dr. SL Lui

Dr. Vincent Chow

Ms. Maggie Ng

Dr. KF Chau


19 October 2021

Kidney disease and you

Your kidneys are not well,
you need to know!

Dr. Sunny Wong

Dr. William Lee

Ms. Candy Chea

Dr. Samuel Fung


2 November 2021

Kidney failure and you

At the crossroad of kidney replacement therapy.

Dr. SF Lui

Dr. YL Cheng

Dr. KF Chau

Ms. Windy Lee


16 November 2021

Kidney Replacement therapy
1: Peritoneal dialysis

The myth of peritoneal dialysis

Dr. CK Chan

Ms. Sandy Hui (nurse)

Ms. Maggie Ng

Ms. Windy Lee


30 November 2021

Kidney Replacement therapy
2. Haemodialysis

The concerns on haemodialysis

Dr. Maggie Mok
Ms. Janet Li (nurse)

Dr. Samuel Fung
Ms. Maggie Lee


14 December 2021

Kidney Replacement therapy
3. Kidney Transplantation  

Kidney Transplant
– a new beginning

Dr. Maggie Ma
Dr. Winston Fung

Ms. Candy Chea

Prof Sydney Tang


28 December 2021

Rehabilitation 1  

Barrier free renal replacement therapy

Dr. Lorraine Kwan
Dr. Jack Ng

Dr. KF Chau
Dr. YL Cheng


11 January 2022

Rehabilitation 2    

Living well with kidney disease

Ms. Sabrina Mok (Dietitian)

Ms. Maki Mak (MSW)

Dr. Samuel Fung

Ms. Maggie Lee


25 January 2022

Rehabilitation 3  

Walk with you (support)

Dr. John Chan

Ms. Dora Leung (nurse)

Dr. KF Chau

Dr. CY Yung