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  • A non-profit making, voluntary  Organization, incorporated on the 10th July 1979.
  • Founders: David Todd    Chen Sau Lam     R.G. HutcheonLeong Che Hung     Richard Yu Andrew Hua     Chan Woon Cheung
  • The initial set up was a 2000 square feet haemodialysis centre at Kowloon City in 1981, made possible by a generous donation by Sir Ka-shing Li GBM KBE JP


1979 Incorporated of HKKF 10 July 1979
1981 Haemodialysis Centre at Kowloon City
1994 Jockey Club HKKF Haemodialysis centre  at WoChe, Shatin
1995 HKKF Fellowship Program for overseas training for healthcare professionals
1995 First Hong Kong Transplant Game
1997 Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Program
1998 HKKF Visiting professor program – Joel Kopple
2000 Fund raising Concert (容祖兒美麗在望演唱會)
2001 1st Hong Kong Kidney Day
2003 1st HKKF Charity Dinner (難得有情人晚宴)
2003 Hong Kong Renal Nursing Course
2004 2nd HKKF Charity Dinner (Valentine’s Day)
2005 3rd HKKF Charity Dinner (千紅萬紫喜迎春)
2005 Fund raising Concert (徐小鳳金光燦爛演唱會)
2006 Organ Donation Campaign “I Will /  Agree Donate My Organ"
2006 First World Kidney Day @ Hong Kong
2006 Charity Concert (Cantonese Opera) 腎臟基金粵曲賀銀禧
2007 Inaugural Renal Commissioned Training (yearly) by Hospital Authority
2007 Nocturnal Haemodialysis Program
2008 5th HKKF Charity Dinner (情迷舊香港)
2008 HKKF Support Fund for Sichuan Disaster
2009 6th HKKF Charity Dinner (情義攜手30載 樂聚同歡今晚夜)
2010 Public Private Haemodialysis Program of Hospital Authority
2011 7th HKKF Charity Dinner (新春喜洋洋 情義共呈祥)
2012 Charity Photo exhibition “Bloom II” by Professor Richard Yu
2012 Charity Concert (The Hong Kong Medical Association)
2012 Charity Pu-Erh Tea Sales – Donation by Mr. Arthur Shek
2013 HKKF Eugenia Lee Education Scholarship
2014 8th HKKF Charity Dinner (三十五載腎中情)
2014 Renal Cooking Competition
2014 HK Renal Nutrition Workshop and Forum
2014 Book launch 「盡透腎中情」– sharing of stories by patients with kidney disease
2015 Charity Pu-Erh Tea Sales – Donation by Mr. Arthur Shek & Mr. Bryan Lui
2016 Hong Kong Organ Donation Action Group
2017 20th APD Anniversary Symposium
2017 Organ Donation Musical
2017 Endless Love – Healing Act.  Memorial Plaque to honor organ donor
2017 Charity Pu-Erh Tea and Wine Sales – Donation by Mr. Arthur Shek
2019 9th HKKF Charity Dinner (關愛腎患同行四十載)
2020 HKKF Co-Funding Co-Use Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Program
2020 HKKF, Hong Kong Society of Nephrology and Hong Kong Association of Renal nurse COVID-19 Hong Kong Renal Patient Support fund and program (300,000 masks for patients)

Vision / Mission

Better Kidney Health for all and
Optimal care and Quality of life for people affected by Kidney Disease

Promote kidney health and support people suffering from Kidney Failure.


(1) Support and provide renal replacement therapy for patient with end-stage kidney failure

(2) Promote kidney health and awareness of kidney disease

(3) Promote organ donation

(4) Promote research into kidney disease and treatment

(5) Support training for medical and nursing staff.

board members

Dr. the Hon Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, GBM, GBS, JP<BR>范徐麗泰博士

Dr. the Hon Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, GBM, GBS, JP

Dr. Ko Wing Man, GBS JP<BR>高永文醫生

Dr. Ko Wing Man, GBS JP

Prof. Richard Yu Yue Hong, SBS<BR>余宇康教授

Prof. Richard Yu Yue Hong, SBS

Dr. the Hon Leong Che Hung, GBM, GBS, JP<BR>梁智鴻醫生

Dr. the Hon Leong Che Hung, GBM, GBS, JP

Prof. Chan Ka Leung Francis, SBS, JP<BR>陳家亮教授 SBS太平紳士 <BR>(THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG)

Prof. Chan Ka Leung Francis, SBS, JP
陳家亮教授 SBS太平紳士

Prof. Chan Tak Mao Daniel<BR>陳德茂教授<BR>(The University of Hong Kong)

Prof. Chan Tak Mao Daniel
(The University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Lui Siu Fai, BBS MH JP<BR>雷兆輝醫生

Dr. Lui Siu Fai, BBS MH JP

Dr. Li Chun Sang<BR>李俊生醫生

Dr. Li Chun Sang

Ms. Maggie Ng Miu Man<BR>伍妙敏女士

Ms. Maggie Ng Miu Man

Mr. Wu Tak Lung Bernard<BR>吳德龍先生

Mr. Wu Tak Lung Bernard

Hons. Treasurer
Mr. Norris Yang Hong Ching<BR>楊洪鈞先生

Mr. Norris Yang Hong Ching

Hons. Secretary


annual report

future plan

(1) Promote better kidney health for all

Prevention of kidney disease (Diabetes, Hypertension)
via website, social media, public lecture and
identify at risk individuals (with health check), find the “hiddeners*”
* 50% of those with diabetes, hypertension do not know they have the illness

(2) Optimal care for Patient with Renal Disease and Failure

Up-to-date treatment of Renal Disease
Renal replacement therapy, Secondary & Tertiary prevention, Full rehabilitation
Automated peritoneal dialysis at home (overnight)
Nocturnal Home Haemodialysis (overnight)
Promote organ donation
Promotion via Hong Kong Organ Donation Action Group
Endless Love – Healing Act 大愛恩人 program.

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